Phoenix CubeSat Mission
Images courtesy of the Arizona State University
Dream Chaser® Cargo System
Images courtesy of Sierra Nevada Corporation
© 2015 Sierra Nevada Corporation
Wisconsin Racing Formula SAE®
Images courtesy of Wisconsin Racing
MinXSS Cubesat
Images courtesy of University of Colorado, Boulder
OSIRIS-REx Camera Suite (OCAMS)
Images courtesy of the University of Arizona
Compartments and Ports
Mars 2020 Rover
Images courtesy of NASA JPL

Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Modeling Software

C&R Technologies® ("CRTech") provides software for heat transfer analysis, thermal radiation, environmental heating, and fluid flow design. We are thermal and fluid engineers dedicated to creating thermal-centric software we want to use. Our comprehensive two-phase flow capabilities are one of many features that make our software unique. CRTech's software suite not only produces analytical answers, but with the Advanced Design Module it becomes a component and system design design tool which supports parametric studies, design optimization, and model correlation.

From comprehensive two-phase flow capabilities to advanced finite element techniques, our world-class software is a critical tool for any thermal/fluid engineer.

Thermal-centric Modeling: Unique Tools for Thermal/Fluid Engineers


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