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C&R Technologies® provides a suite of tools that can handle all of your heat transfer and fluid flow modeling problems. Built on top of our core solving engine, SINDA/FLUINT, Thermal Desktop®  provides a geometric GUI tool that can help you build and analyze any system. The add-on module Radcad® provides thermal radiation and environmental heating solutions, while FloCAD® provides a connection for fully integrated fluid modeling. TD Direct® assists the user in geometry preparation and provides the ability to synchronize geometry updates during the iterative design process. Review our Product Selection Matrix and Getting Started Guide for assistance in selecting the products which best meet your needs. All of our products are available for free evaluation.

We are dedicated to producing software tools that not only help heat transfer and fluid flow design engineers produce analytical answers, but also product solutions. Regardless of which GUI tool suite you select, you can apply advanced techniques that transcend traditional steady-state and transient simulations into the realm of design optimization and statistical analyses. CRTech also offers the most comprehensive two-phase thermohydraulic analyzer available.

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Thermal Desktop

Thermal Desktop is a PC-based thermal model builder with a built-in mesher. Thermal Desktop incorporates both familiar parameter-based finite difference surfaces and solids with finite elements using CAD technology to model heat transfer in a system. Thermal Desktop develops the capacitance and conductance network for input to SINDA/FLUINT. Additionally Thermal Desktop provides capabilities such as applying contact conductance, insulation, heat loads, and heaters.


RadCAD is the thermal radiation software add-on for Thermal Desktop. RadCAD provides options for using Monte Carlo Ray Tracing or progressive radiosity to calculate form factors, radiation conductors, and environmental heating rates for geometrically defined surfaces. Proprietary advances in Oct Cell technology result in faster solutions when running the thermal radiation analysis of a system.


FloCAD is a graphical fluid analyzer module available for use with Thermal Desktop facilitating the integrated analysis of fluid and thermal systems within a CAD-based environment. FloCAD is an add-on module for Thermal Desktop which provides access to all of the capabilities in FLUINT.


SINDA/FLUINT is a comprehensive finite-difference, finite element, lumped parameter (circuit or network analogy) tool for analyzing complex heat transfer and fluid flow systems.

TD Direct

TD Direct is an add-on module for Thermal Desktop providing a bi-directional port to SpaceClaim, enhancing the CAD preparation and model maintenance processes. Analysts can extend the CAD preparation features in SpaceClaim by meshing surfaces and solids during import into Thermal Desktop, tag surfaces for heat loads, contact conductance, convection, and easily update the mesh if the part geometry changes. TD Direct includes a thermal finite element mesher that is capable of creating curved elements, swept and matched meshes, in addition to supporting anisotropic conduction.