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Stark Engineering Consulting uses CRTech Software

By David Reynolds, Stark Engineering

CRTech’s software suite was used by Stark Engineering Consulting to develop a transient thermo-hydrodynamic model for a client developing a new thermal storage product.

Following calibration and validation against physical test data, Stark employed the model to optimise the product design and develop process control and system integration philosophies. The model was also used to explore the potential of integrating phase-change materials (PCMs) and alternative single- and two-phase fluids for possible future product variants.

Fluid loop embedded in phase change material (PCM)

As an example of some of the phenomena encompassed by the model, this animation shows a tube embedded in a solid material. The solid is heated by a time-varying heat load. Cold fluid is introduced into the tube at the left, heating up and changing phase as it flows through the solid, extracting heat from and cooling the solid in the process.

Stark have been using CRTech's software suite for a number of years. We have found the software to be remarkably comprehensive, flexible and customizable, allowing us to support our clients across a wide range of engineering challenges. The learning curve is moderate, allowing us to quickly model simpler engineering processes. Mastering the tool unleashes the full power of CRTech’s fluid flow modeling software, allowing us to solve even the most complex of our clients’ challenges.

Stark has extensive experience in modeling industrial processes incorporating hydrodynamics and heat transfer and optimising process control to provide tangible benefits for our clients.

More broadly, you can rely on Stark as a dependable partner to deliver results for you in the following fields:

  •  Modeling & simulation
  • Water & wastewater treatment
  • Combined heat & power generation
  • Hydropower
  • Industrial automation & integration
  • Project management

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