Fluid Properties

Caution: All fluid property ("FPROP") files are provided as a convenience, not as supported products. Use at your own risk, and be sure to validate with other sources. The majority of these files are based on NIST data using REFPROP. These files are updated as new data becomes available and corrections are made without notice; be sure to check back often to make sure you are using the latest versions.

Below are links to download common fluid property descriptions. For a more extensive list of properties which are available from CRTech or to request a fluid property file, please review our full table of property descriptions.

Note: All file formats are consistent for use with CRTech products. Starting with version 6.0, our full library of fluid properties is installed with SINDA/FLUINT in the public documents folder, C:\Users\Public\Documents\CRTech. The files provided on this web page are a courtesy for customers running older versions of SINDA/FLUINT.

Air Properties
Ammonia Properties
Argon Properties
Carbon Dioxide Properties
Fluorinertâ„¢ Properties
Helium Properties
Hydrogen Properties
Methane Properties
Nitrogen Properties
Oxygen Properties
R134a Properties
Water Properties