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C&R Technologies, Inc. ("CRTech") was created in 1991 by Brent Cullimore and Steve Ring. Having supported the development of SINDA/FLUINT since the early 80's, Steve and Brent took on the task of transitioning SINDA/FLUINT from a NASA-developed code to a commercial product. They began by updating and greatly enhancing SINDA/FLUINT and by providing the first-ever graphical interface, SinapsPlus® (predecessor to Sinaps®). From there the growing team continued with the development of RadCAD®, a replacement for the long-time standard thermal radiation modeling package TRASYS. Over the years, improvements and software suite expansions continued with the introduction of Thermal Desktop®, FloCAD® and TD Direct®, always with the goal of enabling fellow thermal and fluids engineers.

In November 2022, CRTech was acquired by Ansys. The integration of the Thermal Desktop software suite into Ansys ModelCenter, Ansys Systems Tool Kit (STK), and other Ansys products will allow customers to leverage both system-level thermal/fluid networks and full CFD solutions for efficient, highly accurate, and detailed simulations.

As a team of thermal, fluid, and chemical engineers, we understand the needs of our customers and have the knowledge to create software to meet these needs. The result is that CRTech is a world-wide powerhouse in thermal and fluids analysis software. We are not an all-in-one analysis solution for everything from stress to dynamics because we are unwilling to make the necessary compromises. We do one thing, and we do it very well.

Our customer base of over 5000 users in over 40 countries spans a broad spectrum of industries. We are the authors of the codes we sell and support commercially with personnel devoted to customer support, marketing, sales, training, and consulting.

We know what you need, so we produce tools unique to our world.

Our Core Products are:

There may be times that you are not able to purchase our software, learn how to use it, and solve your problem within your budget and time constraints. CRTech can solve this dilemma for you. We offer a full analysis consulting service for just this problem.

We also provide training in the use of all our products. See the Training page for a description of future and past courses.

Our numerous clients span such diverse industries as aerospace, aircraft manufacturers, petrochemical, electronics, automotive, energy, medical, and others:

Air Force Institute of Technology


ATA Engineering

Blue Origin


Brigham Young University



German Aerospace Center

Embry Riddle

General Motors


Harris Corporation

Hokkaido University

Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais



Johns Hopkins University

L-3 Communications

Lockheed Martin


MIT Lincoln Laboratory


Montana State


Naval Research Laboratory

NEC Corporation

New Mexico State University

Northrop Grumman

Nuclear Waste Partnership



Pennsylvania State University


Southwest Research Institute

Space Systems Loral


Thales Alenia Spazio

The Aerospace Corporation

UC Berkeley


United Launch Alliance

University of Arizona

University of Colorado

University of Nagoya

US Air Force

US Army

Utah State University

Virgin Galactic