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2023 R2

We're excited to announce the release of Ansys Thermal Desktop 2023 R2! Visit the Ansys Customer Portal (Ansys ID / login required) to download the software, along with the full Release Notes, Install Guide, and additional information regarding the new Packaging and Licensing Features. We've compiled several highlights and new features that we're pleased to share with you below.

2023 R2 introduces the new Ansys Thermal Desktop product packages, consisting of three bundles running on the Ansys License Manager:

  1. Thermal Desktop
  2. Thermal Desktop with AutoCAD
  3. Ansys Thermal Desktop Solver

Notably, TD Direct, RadCAD, and FloCAD are now included in the first two bundles. Again, for more information on packaging and licensing, please visit the Ansys Customer Portal.

The version incorporates several valuable new features:

  • Parallelization of BC Mappers and contactors
  • TD Block Reference improvements 
  • Option to skip Data Mappers recalculation

Additionally, the software introduces several beta features to explore and evaluate:

  • Axi-symmetric capabilities for rotating equipment
  • Second-order finite elements for higher order shapes and thermal solutions
  • Ties in solids for reduced mesh requirements in small fluid passages
  • Participating media for thick glass optics or optically thick gas flows
  • A new binary file format for results files, promising increased speed and reduced sizes.

Users are encouraged to test and provide valuable feedback on these beta features to further enhance the software. Feedback can be provided directly to CRTech Support.