Version 6.0 of the Thermal Desktop (TD) suite has significant new behind-the-scenes access portals that you'll be hearing more about in the future. One such portal allows the import of Sinaps models: the Sinaps V5.6 installer has been expanded to automate model translation.

If you are a Sinaps user, please see the series of upcoming webinars in July that will introduce you to TD/FloCAD and that will guide you through the upgrade process.

Start by learning how to start from a blank drawing. Then discover features of Thermal Desktop including more powerful browsing and case management, units flexibility, and logic generation. Next, find out why TD/FloCAD is a superset of Sinaps features, including both sketchpad-style modeling such as Sinaps uses plus geometric features ... all in the same model. Finally, discover that new button in Sinaps, Export to TD, and other information to ease the transition.

If you miss any of these webinars, please contact us to get notes and recordings.