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Radiation analysis and orbit heating rate calculations

Fluid modeling in a CAD-based environment

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Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Modeling Software

C&R Technologies® provides software for heat transfer analysis, thermal radiation, environmental heating and fluid flow design in addition to product training, and consulting services in the area of thermal and fluid system design and analysis. We are dedicated to producing software tools that not only help heat transfer and fluid flow design engineers produce analytical answers, but also product design solutions. Our software products are routinely used by several industries for heat transfer and fluid flow modeling. Our comprehensive two-phase flow capabilities are one of many features which make our software world class.

Built on top of our core solving engine, SINDA/FLUINT, we provide a geometric (Thermal Desktop®) or nongeometric (Sinaps®) graphical user interfaces that can help you build and analyze any system. Sinaps offers full thermal and fluid flow modeling in a sketch-pad environment. CAD-based Thermal Desktop with its expansion packs FloCAD® and RadCAD® provide thermal and fluid flow analysis capabilities along with thermal radiation analysis and orbital heating calculations.
Thermal Desktop usage can be extended using CR Tech TD Direct® to import, heal, simplify, and mesh geometry from virtually any CAD source.


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