Modeling a Thermoelectric Cooler

This class provides an overview of how to model thermoelectric coolers (TECs) in Thermal Desktop. The class will include an overview of thermoelectric devices, input methods, sizing parameters, overview of parametric methods and a demonstration. Please note this class assumes all students have a prior working knowledge of Thermal Desktop's general usage.

Webinar Time: 20 minutes

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Thermal Desktop, RadCAD, and TD Direct in-class training

Date: September 19-22, 2017, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., daily
Location: Lakewood, CO

CRTech will be hosting introductory training for Thermal Desktop, RadCAD and TD Direct. Lecture and hands-on tutorials introduce attendees to basic Thermal Desktop and RadCAD usage and allow practice building models and interpreting results. The class will also introduce students to SpaceClaim direct modeling CAD interface and advanced meshing tools in TD Direct.

Daily Schedule

Day 1 and 2: Introduction to SINDA and Thermal Desktop
Day 3: Introduction to RadCAD
Day 4: Introduction to TD Direct

To learn more about this class and to register, visit our Training Page.