Introduction to the Reliability Engineering Module

This presentation and demonstration (recorded webinar) describes the application of the Reliability Engineering module in SINDA/FLUINT, as accessed via Thermal Desktop’s Case Set Manager. The purpose of the Reliability Engineering module is to statistically evaluate the likelihood that a design will exceed various failure limits or other thresholds. You learn how to declare uncertainties and to define their variations as probability distribution functions (such as bell curves or uniform distributions). You will learn the basic sampling techniques available, and how to interpret results, including using histograms and hindsight (post-analysis) queries. An example problem will be worked interactively. Reliability-based optimization, including the synthesis of both design parameters as well as their tolerances, will be briefly discussed.

Prerequisites:  Basic understanding of Thermal Desktop and SINDA/FLUINT operation, including Symbols and Registers class or equivalent experience.

Thermal Desktop
Parameterizing and Customizing
Duration and Audio: 
30 minutes or more
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reliability engineering, robust design, uncertainty analysis, statistical methods, stochastic, Monte Carlo, Latin Hypercube