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Noncondensable gas (NCG) Heat and Mass Transfer

Free Webinar: Condensing and Vaporizing in the Presence of NCG

Drop-wise or film-wise condensation of a pure vapor exhibits some of the highest heat transfer coefficients possible. But add a little noncondensible gas (NCG) and those coefficients can drop by orders of magnitude.

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Free "Tips and Tricks" Webinar: Network Element Logic

Thermal Desktop (TD) is fully parametric: any input can be specified as a function of almost anything, including outputs. TD also accepts arbitrarily complex co-solved customizations.

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Polycam instrument on OSIRIS-REx

CRTech software used for NASA's Asteroid Mission

We're proud to have played an indirect role in the OSIRIS-REx mission. This spacecraft will map the asteroid Bennu and will return a sample to Earth.

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