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Introduction to Thermal Desktop and RadCAD® Training

To register for this class, please complete this registration form. Start by selecting the training format to see the options and available dates. We will contact you via phone or email within two business days of receiving your registration.

In-person Training

In-person classes are an immersive experience. Since in-person training is held in a classroom, outside interruptions are minimized allowing for improved comprehension. The classroom experience also allows for open discussions and community building among the students and instructor.

Course enrollment is limited. Late registration will be accepted if space is available. No on-site registration is available. Because space is limited, we recommend that you complete your registration early. Early enrollment and payment will ensure your reservation in the class. Fees cover all course materials, lunch, and coffee breaks.

Daily Schedule

Days 1 and 2 Introduction to SINDA and Thermal Desktop 8 am to 5 pm
Day 3 Introduction to RadCAD 8 am to 4 pm

Online Training

Online classes provide lectures and demonstrations only. While the durations of the online classes are less than the in-person classes, you are expected to work on the tutorials outside of class time. The training materials are provided electronically. Students should have access to computers with the software.

Daily Schedule

Days 1 through  3 Introduction to SINDA and Thermal Desktop 9 am to 12 pm, Mountain time (typical)
Day 4 Introduction to RadCAD 9 am to 12 pm, Mountain time (typical)


The scheduled training dates can be found here. If you register for a class with dates listed as TBD, dates will be selected and you will be notified with enough time to cancel with a full refund.

* For checks, please send a copy of this form with the check to 2501 Briarwood Drive, Boulder, CO 80305-6803, USA

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We provide a polo shirt to all students. Please indicate your size.
We provide lunch each day. We cannot always address dietary restrictions, but we would like to be aware if you have any so we can contact you about it.
Advanced Pipes in FloCAD
Thursday November 14, 9-10am MT (8-9am PT, 11am-noon ET)
This webinar introduces advanced features for FloCAD pipes in addition to working with complex geometry. Complex geometry includes interior fins and surfaces for heat transfer, flow around enclosed objects, annular flow, concentric pipes, and more. FK Locators and TEEs as modeling objects will also be introduced.
Custom Heat Transfer and Pressure Drops
Tuesday November 19, 2-3pm MT (1-2pm PT, 4-5pm ET)
Do you know what the default assumptions are in FloCAD, and whether or not they apply in your situation? Do you know how far you can go past that starting point? The answer: pretty far. There are numerous mechanisms in FloCAD for adjusting factors, scaling uncertainties, and applying different or supplemental correlations. This webinar summarizes the options available to you to customize your flow models to make sure that they apply to each new situation you encounter.
Heat Exchangers: Detailed and System-level
Thursday November 21, 2-3pm MT (1-2pm PT, 4-5pm ET)
This is two webinars in one. The first explains the use and assumptions behind the FloCAD HX system-level modeling object. The second webinar describes detailed-level modeling of complex heat exchanger passages, including application of Compact Heat Exchanger (CHX) methods.
Starting in 2020, we will begin offering Introduction to Thermal Desktop and Introduction to RadCAD as either in-person training or online training, alternating between online and in-person every three months. The training uses lectures and demonstrations to introduce you to basic Thermal Desktop and RadCAD usage. Hands-on tutorials provide practice building models and interpreting results (tutorials are completed by students outside of the online class time).
The next training class will be an online format in January 2020:
  • Introduction to Thermal Desktop (and SINDA) - A three-part series on January 14, 16, and 21 from 9am to 12pm, Mountain time
  • Introduction to RadCAD - January 23 from 9am to 12pm, Mountain time
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