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Continue exploring new features and improvements in Thermal Desktop Version 6.1! A final webinar in late May will introduce the new API, OpenTD.

What's New in TD Direct?
Tuesday May 14th, 2019, 2pm MT (1pm PT, 4pm ET)
You'll love the ability to quickly update an importer's tags or scripts without updating meshes too. Mesh action scripts can now apply to more objects. We've also made it simpler to work with mixed sets of merged and matched surfaces in complex assemblies.

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What's New in FloCAD?
Thursday May 16th, 2019, 2pm MT (1pm PT, 4pm ET)
FloCAD is now even more featured, including blocked volumes for Compartments, Pipe wall elasticity options for waterhammer, complex Pipe surfaces including annular pipes and enclosed objects, a new Tee object for branching flows, and loss locators for bends and entrances.
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