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This webinar provides an overview of LHP design and operation, from a basic understand of components to a review of important performance considerations and limitations.

Many topics will be covered, from start-up issues to the purpose of the evaporator bayonet to capillary flow regulators to load balancing in parallel LHP units. However, we will cover these topics only in enough depth that you will be able to understand the reasons for various modeling approaches that will be covered in later webinars. In other words, this webinar will survey the various ways in which LHPs require a specialized approach to design analysis and simulation.

This webinar is the first of a four-part webinar series on LHPs and approaches to modeling them. Each webinar is designed to be attended in the order they were presented. If you miss one in the series, please check out our video page for a recording, or contact us before the next webinar starts.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of two-phase thermodynamics and heat transfer. See for example this webinar.
Sorry you missed this webinar. A recording is available here.