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What if your heat pipe wall is too complex to represent with the FD surfaces and solids native to a FloCAD HeatPipe, and FE meshes must be used?

What if your heat pipe cross section changes along its length, yet FloCAD HeatPipes can't be joined end to end as can a regular Pipe?

The sample problem takes on a complex extruded evaporator cross section that is joined to a condenser section that has been machined down to a circular cross section. It demonstrates how to:

  • Represent the complex evaporator extrusion as an FE mesh while using a massless shell as the heatpipe for the rest of its length (Example 1)
  • Represent some or all of the extrusion as an effective cross section (Example 2), continuing that effective cross section along the entire length of the heatpipe
  • Use a Thermal Desktop (TD) Conductor instead of a FloCAD HeatPipe to avoid the above limitations for certain common situations (Example 3)

Some discussion of the Vapor Core Diameter meaning and alteration is also included.

This sample is listed on our Tips & Samples page, or click here to get the files in the CRTech user forum.

heatpipe cross sectional mesh