1. Trial versions of SINDA/FLUINT have a built-in compiler and should not have Intel Visual Fortran installed. If this installation is for a trial version of SINDA/FLUINT, skip to Install CAD Software for Thermal Desktop and TD Direct.

2. Install Intel Visual Fortran according to provided instructions.

3. Test the installation: 

Create a Fortran (.FOR) text file in a temportary directory such as C:\temp\TEST.FOR  
The program should include the following simple program, and each line should start with 7 spaces

       PRINT *,'DONE' 

Compile this file in the INTEL64 cmd window environment from the IVF compiler by running C:\temp\IFORT TEST.FOR 
Execute this program by typing TEST in the command line
If the program prints "DONE" then the compilers is installed correctly. If not, check your installation before continuing