Brew Process in a Moka Pot


This sample model simulates the brewing process which occurs in a Moka Pot. A moka pot is a stove top device that brews an espresso-like coffee by passing pressurized water through the coffee grounds. The inspiration for the model is provided in the blog, Contemplating My Morning Coffee

The primary goal of the model was to determine the temperature of the water as it passes through the grounds (the extraction process) and the temperature of the final product (coffee in the collector). A secondary goal of the model was to evaluate the impact, if any, of initial water temperature on the extraction process the final coffee temperature.

Topics covered demonstrated in this model:

1. Developing a modeling approach
2. Extracting volumes from geometry
3. Creating Domains
4. Setting up Compartments
5. Body forces in compartments
6. Using ports with compartments
7. Tracking two-phase flow through porous media
8. Tracking CPU time

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