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Sinaps® is a graphical user interface for developing SINDA/FLUINT models and for viewing and reporting the results. Sinaps® provides a 2D sketch environment for thermal and flow modeling analysis allowing abstraction and simplification of complex systems.

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Product Overview

Sinaps® allows the user to work with a SINDA/FLUINT model visually, reducing the learning curve and speeding the model building process. Because it is a complete pre and post-processor, itfacilitates the reporting of results and the sharing of models between engineers. Thermal and fluid networks are sketched on the screen using pop-up menus and fill-in forms to quickly build and maintain complex models. Models can be validated, SINDA/FLUINT runs can be launched, and results can be displayed directly on your sketch via coloring and other post processing operations, all without leavingthe Sinaps® environment.

Model creation is quick and simple using the toolbars and built in smart click-and-drop methods. Network objects can be selected from the toolbars and dropped onto the network. Links (flow paths and heat paths) can be created by drawing links between objects. Based on default settings andobject types, Sinaps automatically creates the proper type of link. Several layout and organization features such as layers, collections, clones, zoom, etc. provide organization for large networks.

The Case Manager in Sinaps® supports system modeling by streamlining the creation and management of multiple design cases for a master model. The Case Manager provides direct access to control parameters for convergence criteria along with various solution options, case-specific user-definable logic blocks, and post processing options. The case manager also allows the creation of case-level overrides for user-defined variables (registers) and fluid descriptions.

A thermophysical property database file stores material property information. The database supports the ability to define temperature dependent properties and allows the import of thermophysical property databases from Thermal Desktop. Scaling factors are included on all property definitions to support sensitivity studies, parametric design, model correlation, and goal seeking.

The Model Browser provides a summary of the model network in a  hierarchical tree format. Using the model browser, the user can quickly navigate the model tree to locate objects for editing or highlighting in the network diagram.


Summary of Key Features

  • Full access to SINDA/FLUINT features such as:
    • Supports compressible and incompressible flow
    • Fluid modeling with heat transfer
    • Single and two-phase flow
    • Nonequilibrium two-phase volumes and flow
    • Pure fluid substances, or mixtures of gases, liquids, or both
  • Model Building
    • User-defined registers and expressions facilitate design changes and parametric analyses
    • Supports use of SINDA/FLUINT submodels
    • User definable logic at the submodel level or attached to a network element
    • Easy-to-use tool bars and object edit forms facilitate model building
      • Click and drop model building with smart linking
    • Use color-coded forms to distinguish common from advanced options
    • Built in model checking tools
    • Use advanced tools to organize and maintain large, complicated diagrams including:
      • multiple copies of any node or lump ("clones")
      • super-imposable drawing layers
      • temporarily collapsed subnetworks ("collections
    • Pipe object generates full thermal/fluid network
      • Create user definable pipe libraries
      • Built-in standard schedule pipe library
    • Convenient user comment fields provide model documentation
  • Case Manager: provides multi-case data management
    • Controls solution type and directly launches SINDA/FLUINT
    • Both steady state and transient modeling
    • Supports SINDA/FLUINT's Advanced Design Module for design optimization, test correlation, and reliability engineering
  • Model Browser provides easy navigation for network object location and editing.
  • Thermophysical property database manager supports temperature-dependent properties
    • Compatible with Thermal Desktop to allow database sharing
  • Import and Export
    • Read in existing SINDA/FLUINT input files
    • Import older SinapsPlus® XML files; requires installation of SinapsPlus export patch
    • Print or export plots and network diagrams for report generation
    • Export a traditional input file to transfer to other SINDA/FLUINT users
  • Post-processing
    • Color/shade nodes and lumps and thicken connections (conductors, ties, etc.) to visualize flow rates, temperatures, pressures, heat flows, pressure drops, vapor/gas qualities, etc.
    • Integrated with Microsoft Excel for tabular data postprocessing
    • Post processing tools such as customizable meters and gauges
    • Create X-Y plots and apply extensive customizations, including:
      • legend, title, labels, colors
      • compare results of multiple runs
      • rescale axes and apply unit conversions
      • add user lines generated by algebraic manipulations of other data series


Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Memory: 512 MB Minimum



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