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Fluid Properties

All fluid property ("FPROP") files are provided as a convenience, not as supported products. Use at your own risk, and be sure to validate with other sources. Updates and corrections are made without notice; be sure to check back often.

Below are links to download common fluid property descriptions. For a more extensive list of properties which are available from C&R Technologies, please review our full table of property descriptions.

Note: All file formats are consistant for use with SINDA/FLUINT.

If you require a FLUINT FPROP description which is not listed above or in the full table of property descriptions, please submit a request using the Fluid Property Request Form. One of our technical support representatives will contact you do determine if we can generate the properties you need.

Equilibrium Fluids Produced Using NASA's CEA program

NASA's chemical equilibrium solver, CEA, such that it can be used to generate variable molecular weight FPROP DATA blocks. For detailed information, usage, and examples see our Equilibrium Fluids web page.

Links to Other Property Resources

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